At Cohen Simon Accounting we are passionate about providing solutions to help you achieve your business and social goals.

Accounting Services – Accounting Oversight

When you don’t have the resources to hire a Financial Manager, we can provide accounting oversight through monthly or quarterly visits.

Our value proposition to you:

  • Provide professional development for your accounting staff.
  • Prepare Bank Reconciliations.
  • Review data entry to detect and correct errors, and reduce the likelihood of fraud.
  • Review financial reports with management.

Accounting Services – Audit Preparation Service

Regulations prohibit auditors from auditing a firm and providing audit preparation services to the same firm.

An independent accounting firm, not associated with your auditing firm, is the best choice for audit preparation services.

Here’s how we can reduce your audit stress:

  • Prepare your accounts for a quick and painless audit.
  • Negotiate the best audit fee.
  • Support your Board’s responsibility to review the audit report and respond to the management letter.

Accounting Services – International Outsourcing

Cohen Simon is ideally positioned to offer a broad range of services for international accounting and bookkeeping firms.

We hire the best and brightest, with excellent English communication skills.
Add to this Uganda’s competitive wage levels and reliable internet access, and Cohen Simon is your perfect outsourced accounting partner.

International experience includes:

  • Bookkeeping in Quick Books, Sage 50, Tally and Sage Pastel.
  • Working paper files and Financial Statements in Caseware.

Tax Services

VAT – Payroll – Income Taxes – Withholding

Our tax experts will give you peace of mind and a better bottom line.
Tax savings, on-time reporting, and no tax penalties.

These are the kind of results you can expect by engaging Cohen Simon as your trusted and confidential advisor.

ADvisory services – Financial Check-Up

Get your financial health in check!

Cohen Simon Accounting can conduct a rapid institutional assessment to give management a report on the status of their accounting system and internal controls, with recommendations for improvement.

ADvisory services – Accounting Systems Design

Taking the time to design an efficient and effective accounting system up front will pay huge dividends in the long-term.

At Cohen Simon we design and implement accounting systems to meet your budget, staffing resources, and management information needs.

This includes:

  • Software Selection
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Internal Controls
  • Training

ADvisory services – Recruitment

Your people are your best asset.

At Cohen Simon we can help you hire the best accountant for your oragnisation. We will interview and assess your candidates for their accounting and computer skills so you can confidently make the right hiring decision.


An investment in training – the right kind of training – can make all the difference.

At Cohen Simon we target 3 groups:


  • Accounting Graduates:
    We use unique accounting simulation materials and hands-on computer exercise to give student the competitive advantage they need to launch their accounting career.
  • Board of Directors and Management:
    Boards and managers need training to help them fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and guide their organisations to success. We customize our materials to use client’s data and reports so that learning is meaningful and directly transferable.
  • Client’s Accounting Staff:
    Cohen Simon provides on-site, short, frequent training sessions in QuickBooks, Excel or accounting.

Community Outreach


Financial literacy is our expertise and we are passionate about sharing this knowledge through free outreach programs.

Using a train-the-trainer approach we work with NGOs and CBOs to provide financial literacy skills to the communities they support.

Our innovative curriculum and bookkeeping tools have proven to be successful with a broad range of savings groups.